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Survival Gear

What Is Survival Gear All About?

What is survival gear? You have to learn that if you're not willing to keep survival gear on you, it's pretty much putting yourself into danger. If the word were to have issue and you'd need to survive, or if you just got stranded, this stuff could save your life.

Gear is what you have to have on you to survive. It's essential that you have things in that pack that can get you out of many dangerous situation. A small knife, for instance, is a perfect addition to the kit. Another idea is to bring waterproof matches so you can start a fire if you were out there and got drenched. You can bring a poncho too, and even emergency rations just in case. Just have an idea of what you can survive with, or look to what other people take with them to see if it's more your style.

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Need Survival Gear For The Wilderness?


Just What Is Survival Gear And Why Should You Care?

Because it's your health on the line, or those around you. It's important that whoever is bringing the gear does so but you can always have a backup stashed somewhere in case others forgot.

Learn how to use your tools before you have to deal with a real situation. If you're not really that good at first aid then you may want to read up on it. You may have to use the kit on your injuries, or maybe it will be someone else. When you're able to survive without getting infections from cuts and the like it's a lot easier to survive out in the middle of nowhere. If you do get hurt out there, take a break and make sure your kit has things in it for helping in this kind of situation.

What Survival Gear Is Necessary When You Go Out For A Trip in the Wild?

Any basic survival kit, when you go out into the wild, must be one that enables you to find the means to provide yourself with food, water, shelter and warmth. These kits do not have to be elaborate and determining what survival gear is necessary can make the difference between survival and extreme hardships.

Survival gear must be easy to carry and reasonably waterproof, and also durable enough to withstand all the stresses you may have to undergo in the wild. To start with a survival kit must have a reasonably stocked first aid kit, means to start fires and ways to purify water. You will also need equipment that can help you gather food, and other things that can provide you some basic shelter.

What survival gear is necessary and must not be compromised with? It must include:

  1. Food packets for least the first day
  2. Drinking water again for the first day)
  3. A bag to carry water
  4. Frying pan
  5. Some spoons
  6. A matchbox that is waterproof
  7. Lighter
  8. Compass
  9. A good pocket knife
  10. A shovel
  11. Rope
  12. A knife that can be used for hunting
  13. Fishing kit
  14. A whistle
  15. Mirror (useful for signaling)
  16. Material for shelter (weight is a consideration)
  17. Sleeping bag
  18. Torch

You also need to have some basic survival skills, which can help you to look for sources of food and water, carry out basic first aid and the will to survive. You need to stay calm, as worrying about your things in a survival situation can only drain you of the energy that can come handy, in dealing with problems you may be confronted with. It can always be of help if you make yourself familiar with the area, its geography, flora and fauna, before you make any trip, where your survival skills may get tested. Besides this, if you have adequate survival gear, surviving till you get rescued will not be a major problem.