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Easy Defense Products


  • Where Do You Find Portable Home Security Products You Can Trust?

    Home security, above all other things, should be the top priority of every homeowner. Technology has contributed a lot in terms of the advancements that we're experiencing today - and one of the things that we can take advantage of is the wide range of portable home security products that are available everywhere.

    While larger establishments may opt to find a company that installs larger security products, homeowners may find it more convenient to use portable products. First of all, it is cheaper as compared to other security brands in the market, and secondly, even the average Joe can have the peace of mind that their home and family is secured and protected at all times.

    Portable home security products come in a wide range of brands and types, and it is important that you are familiar with what you're looking for. For instance, do you want a portable CCTV camera that allows you to view remotely from a mobile device? Do you want an alarm system that you can install at home whenever someone enters your door?

    These are just some of the most common security products that also come with a portable version. While your hardware store may sell these products, you may still want to find a home security company in your area to help you decide which one works well for you, your needs, and your budget overall.

    Now, you can now be at ease that your home and family is secured, regardless of where you are. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars just to get those alarm systems up and running. These portable security products can help you get started - even when you're on a tight budget. And the best part about this, is that you can install everything on your own!

  • Is A Common Misconception Tasers Work On Everyone?


    I was once given a full demonstration on police tasers and saw first hand what an effective non-lethal weapon it can be. However, the common misconception people is that tasers work on everyone. That is not the case, and sometimes lethal force is necessary.

    Someone who is determined not to let the taser bother them can get through it. Likewise someone who is high on drugs or big enough to keep plowing their way through towards the officer can get through the taser. This why when people say that police should always use the taser instead of a gun, it simply doesn't work that way. The officer has to make a split second judgement call, and if the taser isn't stopping the subject, he must use lethal force to protect himself and others.

  • What Do Personal Alarms Do?

    Pehelp buttonrsonal alarms are designed for self defense to help you avoid being mugged or attacked. So what do personal alarms do? They make a very loud noise and emit flashing lights when you trigger them. If you are out somewhere and someone tries to attack you, you can trigger your alarm and get someone to come help you. In some cases, just setting off the alarm may be enough to scare the attacker away. Most criminals want to be able to carry out the crime without attracting any attention. When your alarm is blaring, the criminal may escape to seek an easier target.

  • Why Every Woman Should Have Non-Lethal Self-defense Products

    Watch this video first for the MANY Reasons WHY Every Woman Should Have Non-Lethal Self-Defense Products  !!!

    With crime rates rapidly gaining on us many women are concerned about self defense. There are many non-lethal self defense products available on the market today. Let's take a look at some of the more common methods of self defense.

    Stun Guns

    There are a wide array of stun guns available on the market today. Some carry a voltage of 7,800,000 and will stop someone in their tracks. Many can expand from 12.5 inches up to 21.25 inches and carry a loud alarm and a brilliant flashlight.

    They are easy to use as long as they are kept charged up. Many have a charger unit that is built into the product itself and can be quickly accessed and are easy to plug into any outlet for a recharge.

    It is wise to have practiced using the stun gun a few times by pulling it out and turning it on without having to look. An emergency is not the time to have to suddenly learn how it works.

    Pepper Spray/Mace

    There are a variety of pepper sprays available on the market today as well. These come in a variety of styles and shapes and can be easily concealed in a pocket or a purse. Some have a flip top unit to help keep them from going off when they are being carried. It is always wise to be familiar with them before needing them.

    Many can fire up to 20 feet so it is easy to hit the target without having to be too terribly close to the target. Many units are designed to hook directly onto a keychain which makes them very convenient and easy to keep within reach.

    Keychain's for Personal Safety

    There are also a wide variety of key chains that work well for not only carrying key's, but also for self defense. They come with points shaped like cat ears and other similar looking items but can indeed be very sharp. A woman can carry her key's with these sharp edges protruding from her fingers easily and safely.

    Knives and Survival Gear

    There are a lot of knives on the market today that are also easy to conceal. They can be stored in a pocket, a nightstand or even a wallet and are great to have on hand when a situation arises where some form of self defense is required.

    Learning to use your non-lethal self defense products is as important as choosing the right one for your specific needs. Always be familiar with your method of self defense and make sure that you can access it when needed.

  • Do It Yourself Survival Gear Instructions

    You'll find that you can get do it yourself survival gear to work right for your needs. There are many tips and ways that this can go well for you. It's important that you earn about what is safe and what is not to be done.

    Survival gear isn't that hard to build up if you know how to create it or source it. When making your own gear, you can mix and match parts from well known survival gear companies. You can just start to build a good set of gear, but make sure you weigh it. You don't want something too heavy, because then you may end up having to get some items out of it. That's one reason you may want to buy a pre-made one if you don't have the time to deal with weighing and thinking what to take.

    You'll want to learn CPR and other skills. If you're hiking and someone goes down and needs CPR, you need to know what to do so that they can be resuscitated and come back before it's too late. It's hard to get familiar with safety at first, but you should learn all you can about it before doing anything like a survival scenario. You never know what may happen to you out there. It's better to know too much than to not know hat to do if you were stuck in the wilderness for a long long time.

    Do it yourself survival gear is a great thing to have because you can make items you need work a lot better than those you can buy. Having a good kit of gear ready for anything will help you to relax a little better knowing you can handle yourself in a survival situation.

  • What Is Your Understanding the Effects Stun-Gun Voltage and Amps

    stun-__gunsApparently, many people don’t understand the effects stun-gun voltage and amps. Most people think that the higher the voltage the more effective a stun will be. This fallacy has made many stun gun manufacturer use voltage to market their stun guns. However, the truth of the matter is that it is not the voltage but the amperage that makes a stun gun effective.

    Some of the factors that contribute to the lethality of a stun gun include the source of voltage, the internal resistant of the source, the duration of the shock and the wave frequency and waveform of the supplied voltage.

  • Do Women Need A Stun Gun?

    woman -stugun-coverAre you thinking about a lifestyle saving tool that only costs
    a couple of bucks however may mean the variation in between lifestyle as well as fatality in an assault?

    A growing number of ladies today are actually buying stun guns online to always keep
    on their person. With the rate of criminal activity consistently seeming to be to
    be on the rise, that is smarter, and also safer than toting a packed weapon.

    As well as certainly not simply can it conserve your way of life, but that removes the problem of using a gun as well as receiving an additional persons daily life.

    In the end, stun guns are actually secure if used properly. Of training course there has been actually controversy of stun guns being made use of to torture folks with frequent exposure to its electric penalty. But everyone are actually not speaking about those cases.

    Everyone are concentrating on what that can do for you as a woman. No much longer are going to you have to hesitate when strolling down the road in the evening, or even receiving a jog in the park.

    Non-lethal stun guns are actually best for girls. They are actually discreet and are actually accessible to look like basic products such as a cellular phone or a flashlight.

    Some are extremely high powered, producing as long as fifteen thousand volts per surprise. When utilized versus an assaulter correctly, it really can spare a female's daily life.

    That is suggested that after acquiring a stun gun that if whatsoever feasible, you have a brief course on how you can use this.

    Some police headquarters offer security programs together with their.
    self-defense training programs.

  • Should Runners Use Dog Pepper Spray?


    If you run in the mornings, then you have probably encountered a number of dogs which can cause problems, and even become a danger to your health and safety. As such, having a dog pepper spray for runners on hand is very useful, and can bring a little peace of mind, knowing that you have some form of protection.

    The pepper spray is very light to carry and will not interfere when you are running. There are many brands that you can find online, and they all provide a similar level of protection. Check them out today.

  • Choosing The Best Product For Your Self Defense

    Preparing for the worst is always a good idea. No matter where life takes you, you will gain peace of mind when you purchase a product for your own defense. There are many methods when it comes to defending yourself. However, picking one that fits your lifestyle is most important. And, the sooner you make the decision to buy a product for self defense, the sooner you will be protected. Your continued safety on a personal level will be assured.

    When it comes to buying products for your self defense, you have many available options. A short list includes knives, pepper spray, tasers, stun guns, personal alarms, and many other products. Keep ease of use, effectiveness, and convenience in mind when you look for the option that is best for your own use.

    One key factor is convenience. Are you really going to be protected if you cannot readily carry your self defense product on you the majority of the time? The self defense product you select should be as comfortable to carry as your own wallet or set of keys. Personal alarms and pepper spray meet the requirements of convenience for most. They can easily fit into either a pocket or a purse. In some cases, they can even be carried on your key ring. On the other hand, most people find knives and firearms to be inconvenient. The odds are that you won't enjoy carrying a pistol around unless you like the look and feel of a holster.

    If a self defense product is not effective, then it is useless. Guns are perhaps too effective for most purposes. If you use one improperly, you risk legal prosecution. Even if you are trying to prevent an attack, it is no easy task to justify a shooting, even with the legal right to self defense. Plus, for the rest of your life, you must live with the reality of having shot another human being. Pepper spray and tasers carry no life long consequences, but do get the job done.

    It is very expensive to own a gun. On the other hand, personal alarms and pepper spray are much easier to afford. Both the price and quality of tasers vary. Since the effectiveness of a taser increases with higher quality, make sure you don't decide to buy the cheapest one on the market. Personal alarms are the same as tasers, in this respect. You won't attract enough attention if the alarm is not loud enough to shock people into responding. The key is high quality.

    You won't be able to defend yourself from an attack, when you must waste time digging around in your purse to find your product for self defense. It must be readily accessible and simple to use. Tasers and pepper spray are easy to keep handy and only require a simple finger flick to operate. Knives often require that you struggle with an attacker due to the need for close contact. It is this close contact that you should avoid. The idea is to stay as far away from an assailant as possible to reduce the potential for harm.

    Some people choose to carry multiple products for self defense. Pepper spray and a personal alarm work well together. The personal alarm will call attention to your attacker and the pepper spray will temporarily stop them in their tracks while you escape.

    You must make a choice about the self defense product that best fits your lifestyle. In order to defend yourself, you must feel comfortable using the product when you are in a situation that is threatening your safety. Of primary importance is understanding the correct use of the self defense product you decide to purchase. You will gain freedom from fear, independence, and confidence when you are comfortable with the choice you have made. The single best purchase you can make is to invest in your own safety.

  • Are Pepper-Spray and Mace The Same?


    A lot of people ask "are pepper-spray and mace the same thing?"

    While pepper-spray and mace both serve similar functions, they are not the same thing. Mace is a brand name, and it tends to have a s much impact on people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs as pepper spray. All pepper-spray, causes the capillaries in the eyes to become inflamed, which will impair the sight of even the most determined, and otherwise numb to outside influences, criminal. This makes it a good choice for people who are in a self defece situation.

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