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Cell Phone Stun Guns for Sale: Defense In Plain Sight

Non-lethal self-defense is a very important issue. There are a lot of different products out there designed to help you protect yourself in the case of adversity, so your odds of finding something that suits your needs are very good. The Internet makes it easy to learn about -- and purchase -- everything from tasers to pepper spray. One item that might interest you is the cell phone stun gun.

The concept here is really all in the name. This is an ordinary hand-held stun gun that's been designed to look like a cell phone. This feature makes it very easy to carry an effective self-defense weapon without broadcasting that fact to either random strangers or assailants who intend to do you harm. Cell phones are practically universal; everyone is expected to have one today.

Imagine how shocking (sorry, that's an inevitable stun gun joke) an assailant will find it when your cell phone turns out to be more than a communications device. Criminals who attempt armed robberies are typically on the lookout for more lethal weapons like guns or knives. Few are savvy enough to realize that what looks like a phone in your hand -- isn't.

As with any other stun gun, a cell phone stun gun needs to be brought into contact with your assailant. When the weapon's electrodes have made contact with the attacker's body, you pull the trigger, releasing a low-amp, high-volt electrical discharge. This overdose of electricity causes immediate pain and disorientation, and with a proper application, it can immobilize your assailant completely.

Remember that the primary purpose of all stun guns is to allow you to extricate yourself from harm's way. Once your attacker has been rendered immobile, get away from him. Non-lethal weapons aren't intended to help you win fights -- you carry them so that you can escape from danger. Always keep in mind that a cell phone stun gun only buys you time.

There are several different styles of cell phone stun gun on the market today. Prices, sizes, and voltages vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You have your choice of battery-operated or rechargeable stun guns. The Pretender is an excellent example of the former type. It comes with a charger and holster, and it has an extremely powerful built-in flashlight.

The Pretender is shaped just like an ordinary hand-held camera phone, roughly four inches by two inches by one inch. It's a very powerful weapon despite its slim profile; the Pretender can discharge up to 4.5 million volts. That's more than enough to disable even the hardiest attacker. Rechargeability makes the Pretender extremely convenient; you never have to worry about replacing its batteries. A monthly overnight charge will ensure that the Pretender is always ready when you need it.

To review, what are the major advantages of cell phone stun guns? They're light, easy to carry and use, and their harmless form lets them pass unnoticed by anyone who intends to do you harm. Highly effective models are quite affordable, making this an excellent choice for your self-defense needs.

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