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Li'l Guy

Advances in technology keep making self-defense devices smaller but more powerful.

The rechargable Stun Master Lil Guy Stun Gun For Sale has 12 million zapping volts with a blinding flashlight and if that’s not great we give you a FREE Nylon Holster. This stun gun is little and compacted and is easy to hide in your hand.

When you need a stun gun that is mini in size but large in protection you need the Li’l GUY; all your protection needs in one small package!!! Don't let the name Stun Master Li'l Guy fool you.

It has a hidden animal inside just waiting to be released. Just press the stun button and the Lil Guy thrashes 12 MILLION volts out of the metallic probes. Simple to use, when the switch is in the down position the beast is hibernating, up one click and the eyes open and the super bright LED flashlight comes on , and in the up position the you are ready to release the 12 Million volts on the attacker once you press the stun trigger.

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How A College Student Might Benefit From The Lil Guy Stun Gun

college students

College education is the level of learning which one can pursue after they finish their high school years. In college, one is able to choose the course that they'll take in their life, and what fields they want to learn more about for their future job. It is the time where they'll be away from home, especially if there isn't a university in their particular location - when they will become independent and begin making their very own decisions. Aside for that, it is also a time in which they have to stay in apartments or campus dormitories, where they'll either be alone in their room or share it with someone they don't yet know.

Being independent for the first tame and away from home is plenty of responsibility. One has to look after their safety and welfare. It is a very sad truth that school campuses are hot spots where all sorts of crime may occur - for a sure protection, it is important that you have a self defense tool that's allowed in your school, and that you may carry around in your bag or side pockets. You'll be able to grab it anytime you might feel unsafe, particularly if you'll be walking in the school grounds on your own at night.

A stun gun is an excellent self defense tool for a college student. There is a wide array of different stunning devices a student might use for their self defense. They are very effective to use in order to protect yourself from a crime in a school campus, since it will immobilize your attacker with any direct hit on their skin, or through thin clothing. They come in various designs as well, often looking like other objects instead of a weapon.

The Lil Guy stun gun is an excellent stunning device for a college student. It features a super bright led flashlight, a built in charger, and a nylon case. Measuring only 3 3/4" by 1 1/2" by 3/4", a simple press on the Lil Guy's shock button will thrash 12,000,000 volts out of its metal probes - so don't let the name 'Lil Guy' fool you.

Its safety switch is turned off when you put it in the down position, while middle position turns on the the super bright flashlight, and up position shocks only when the trigger gets pressed. It is available in a total of nine colors: Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Black, Flower Design, Animal Print and Snake Skin.

As a college student who is responsible and ready to defend themselves, you should make sure to keep your parents from having to worry about your safety. Make sure that you're protected by learning how you can defend yourself using a Lil Guy Stun Gun.