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Taking a Closer Look At The Lipstick Stun Gun for Sale

The Stun Master brand has become quite well known in the self defense world. They have a number of products that resonate with consumers, including a line of stun guns that suit just about anyone.

The Lipstick Stun Gun has been particularly popular among female customers. It is not very big, which means that it can be placed inside a purse with relative ease. Therefore, the owner does not have to show her hand before she is ready. If she finds herself in a precarious situation, she can slip out her stun gun and surprise the perpetrator. Some people, however, felt that the fact that the stun gun was small meant that it did not work as well. Continued Below...

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Stun Master took those concerns seriously and worked to improve the Lipstick Stun Gun in several big ways.

1. More Voltage

The Lipstick Stun Gun contains three million volts, which means that it is definitely strong enough to help the user get out of a bad situation. Stun guns are effective because they quickly push a lot of energy into the muscles of the body. Simply putting the stun gun up to someone for a second is enough to get an attacker to back away. If you hold the stun gun to the skin longer, like for three or four seconds, the brain's electrical system will be disrupted. The attacker will not be able to control their muscles any longer, which means that they typically fall down. The may lose control of their bowels or not be able to think clearly. It is then several minutes before they regain normal functioning. That is enough time for you to get away.

Sometimes, you do not even have to actually use the stun gun. Simply turning it on can cause an attacker to back away; after all, who wants to get shocked that way?

2. More Light

The new version also has a brighter LED light, which can be crucial in helping you get out of a bad situation. Having a light allows you to illuminate dark corners. If someone is making an unwanted approach, you can put the light right in their eyes, disorienting them for a moment. You can then take action.

3. Additional Colors

The new model has a variety of colors, including purple, red, gold, black and pink. The design is visually appealing as well.

You can recharge The Lipstick Sun Gun, which means that you simply need to use the included wall charger to power it up.

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Is A Small Stun Gun Enough To Keep You Safe?

The prototype for the civilian, military, and law enforcement use stun guns was the cattle prod. The first units carried a low voltage and were bulky. The devices were typically powered by 9 volt batteries that required regular replacement. However, their sheer surprise and ability to surprise when they were activated made them effective weapons for self-defense.

Today's stun guns are far more sophisticated. Stun gun manufacturers have managed to apply technology to develop more reliable devices with advanced features. The stun guns of today are generally more compact. In fact, some models are so small that you can easily conceal them in the palm of your hand.

The question is, 'Can a small stun gun actually ensure your safety?' The answer is yes.

Let us examine 3 of the smallest stun guns further:

1.Lipstick Stun Gun

The lipstick stun gun is the smallest of the 3 with the size and dimensions closely matching a standard tube of lipstick. It includes flashlight mode and it is rechargeable. It puts out 3 million volts of power.

2.The Runt

The runt is the largest of the 3 and about the size of a regular deck of cards. It has an in-built charger, which means that you never have to worry about the 9 volt batteries any longer. It includes flashlight mode as well as a wrist strap disabling pin for ensuring that it cannot be used for shocking you if it is ever taken away from you. It produces about 10 million volts of power.

3.The Lil Guy

The Lil Guy is about half the size of the Runt, which makes it easy to tuck into a small purse or pocket. It features flashlight mode as well as an in-built charger. The Lil Guy produces about 7.5 million volts of power.

What Can Such Small Stun Guns Do to an Attacker?

The first thing you should realize is that sound itself can be a deterrent. Attackers usually want easy prey and when most hear the popping sound of a stun gun they are likely to move on or just wait for an easier target.

A stun gun that is easily concealable in the palm of the hand allows you to have the advantage by using the element of surprise against your attacker.

All stun guns require contact to work, but a 0.5 to 2 second touch will repel them and cause pain. The best way to describe the feeling is the horrible pain you experience when you hit your funny bone, but feeling it all over the body. It has also been described as being hit by 10 bats simultaneously.

A 2 to 5 second touch can disrupt the brain's electrical system. This causes an attacker to lose control of their muscles. In most instances am attacker will fall down and can even soil or wet themselves. Smaller units work better with prolonged contact.

Smaller stun guns also tend to be more effective if they make contact with large muscle groups in the body, but anywhere can work. The electrical current can even go through an inch of clothing meaning that you never have to make direct contact with the attacker's bare skin.

Ultimately, the reason why small stun guns are so effective for self-defense is because the small size makes it easy to keep one with you always. The ideal self-defense is one that's ready to use in case of a crisis. You can have an amazingly effective self-defense device, but if it is not in your hand when you are being attacked, it will be useless.

Irrespective of the self-defense product you choose to carry, it is important to understand how to use it. Ensure that you practice regularly with it and always carry it with you.