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Pink Rechargeable Stun Gun For Women 

Pink stun guns are among the best non-lethal weapons for women, allowing them to protect themselves from thieves, rapists and other offenders. Nowadays, women aren't forced to use the conventional black and bulky stun guns which are more suited to men. There are now plenty of models to choose from, all of which are specifically designed for women. Below you will learn what features to look for when planning to buy direct current devices.

Self-defense stun guns for women vary in features, size, color, appearance, accessories, voltage and price.

High Voltage

The most important thing to consider when choosing stun devices for women is performance. They must function optimally during life-threatening circumstances. There are numerous stun guns designed for women that can generate very high voltages, ensuring that the current penetrates any form of resistance the attacker might wear and deliver up to 4 milliamps of current to take him down.

Smaller Size

In general, women have smaller hands compared to men. Stun weapons that are designed for men might not be comfortable to hold for many women. Thankfully, direct current devices for women are particularly designed for smaller hands, allowing for a more comfortable grip. For example, the Lil' Guy, Trigger and Runt stun guns all sport a rubberized material that provides a non-slip grip.

Color Variety

When imagining what stun guns look like, the first thing most people think of is a self-defense weapon with a black color. Some women may not find this attractive. There are stun weapons that come in a variety of colors, including the women's favorite--pink. And just because the gun has a pink color doesn't mean it functions any less optimally than traditional black stun weapons. It can take down even huge attackers, giving you enough time to flee and call for help.

Lipstick and Cell Phone Stun Guns

There are also pink stun devices for women that do not even look like stun guns. These are disguised as everyday items most women would have in their purses all the time. Two of the most common examples are cell phones and lipsticks which can actually deliver high voltages, making for an effective self-defense weapon. Attackers may not readily realize what's coming, and this can prove to be a real advantage for women.


Some are worried regarding how safe these self-protection stun devices for women are. It's essential to understand that these stun guns for women have safety features to avoid accidental discharge. Most models come with safety on/off switches. Some models also feature a disable pin which is usually attached to a wrist strap. If an assailant manages to take the weapon away, the disable pin gets pulled, rendering the stun device inoperative so it can't be used on the victim.

Stun guns are a non-lethal defense weapon that women can use to effectively safeguard them from harm and deter assailants. If the traditional design of direct current devices has prevented you from getting one before, you don't have any reason not to buy one now.

There are plenty of models to choose from, with some disguised as a cell phone or lipstick. While these devices may look a lot more feminine, they're still powerful enough to take down attackers. By equipping themselves with these stun guns, women can walk in any street without any fear of getting attacked.

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