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What Do You Like About The Runt Stun Gun?

The Powerful Mini Runt Stun Gun is a self-contained stun gun; it contains an integrated charging system. It comes with a clip-on belt holster, but the Runt is light and compact enough for you to carry virtually anywhere. It makes an outstanding self-defense tool for owners of all sorts, including men, women, and the elderly. The Runt comes with a full lifetime warranty backing its quality and durability.

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A Petite Powerhouse: The Mini Runt Stun Gun

How Does A Stun Gun Work? 

Before investing in a powerful mini stun gun, a smart consumer will take the time to learn more about exactly how these self-defense weapons work. Stun guns are produced in a wide range of different forms, sizes, and voltages, but they all work according to similar principles. They have a pair of metal electrodes which need to be pressed into contact with the assailant. When the device is triggered, it discharges a high-voltage current from one electrode to the other, forcing the attacker to complete the circuit. The charge overrides the assailant's nervous system and makes it impossible for him to control his muscles. Stun guns produce pain, disorientation and can incapacitate an attacker when applied properly. This allows a victim to escape a dangerous situation and flee to safety.

What Are The Features Of The Runt Stun Gun?

One of my personal favorites on the stun gun market today is the Mini Runt Stun Gun. As you might expect from its name, the Runt is extremely compact, fitting easily into anyone's hand and being hard to spot. This little package contains a 20 million volt defense charge, though! Other features include a bright LED light and a wrist strap with an integrated disabling pin. This means that anyone who takes the stun gun by force will find it useless; this is a weapon that can't be turned against you. The Runt also has an illuminated power switch that indicates the gun is charged and ready for use when switched on.

How Do I Use The Powerful Mini Stun Gun On An Attacker?

As with any stun gun, the Runt's effectiveness depends on where you place it on your attacker and how long you keep in contact with him. Certain areas are more vulnerable than others. Ideal targets include the lower rib cage, the upper hip, and the upper shoulders. Obsessing over stun gun placement isn't essential, though; in a dangerous situation, your primary focus should be to make contact wherever possible. Try to make sure that both of the stun gun's probe electrodes make contact with the body, ideally with bare skin. (see more instructions below.)

What About Safety?

Don't worry about your own safety when you're using the Runt in a real-life defense situation. The unit is heavily insulated and the only possible point of electrical discharge is through the probes.

The Runt is just one of the many reliable stun guns we offer for sale. We have a wide range of different styles, manufacturers, and voltages to choose from, so we're sure you'll find the ideal self-defense weapon somewhere in our store. If the Runt meets your needs, don't hesitate to get one today! You never know when you might have to defend yourself -- it pays to think ahead!

Defend Yourself: How To Operate A Powerful Stun Gun

Stun guns are a great way to defend yourself without critically injuring another person. The information in this article will help you learn how to get the advantage over an attacker and improve your ability to protect yourself. Read on to pick up important self-defense skills.

1. Learn About Your Powerful Stun Gun

Before you even try to use your stun gun, it is important to educate yourself on the weapon. Study the information manuals carefully so that you learn the ins and outs of your particular model. Make sure you know how to turn the device on and off and pay particular attention to where the safety switch is. Before you turn in on, hold the weapon so you can get a feel for it. After you feel very comfortable with the stun gun, you can put in the batteries and move on to the next step, which is using the stun gun. Be very careful not to go near the contact probes. Stun guns are non lethal, but they do incapacitate by temporarily cutting off communication between the muscles and the brain.

2. Test Your Powerful Stun Gun

As was mentioned before, stay away from the contact probes while you are using your stun gun. Make sure the safety switch is not on. Push the trigger and you will see electricity flow between the metal contact probes. You control how long the charge remains active; when you stop pushing the trigger, the charge will stop as well. If you have not used your weapon before, only hold the trigger for a second or two. When you are finished, make sure you move the safety switch back to the "on" position. At this point, you can turn the stun gun off, but you still need to be careful to avoid the contact probes.

3. Use When Necessary

If you are in a situation where you are concerned for your safety, turn on your stun gun and make sure the metal probes are touching the attacker. The torso and neck are good places on the body for you to make contact with because they have a lot of nerves. It is important to remember, however, that a stun gun is powerful and will do its job regardless of where it touches. Just be sure to make bodily contact no matter what. Once you push the trigger, hold the weapon in place for approximately five seconds. However, if the attacker does not fall to the ground, you may need to do it for a little longer. Once the attacker is down, immediately run to safety.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Hopefully, you will not need to use your powerful stun gun very often. That is why it is so important to practice with the device; you want to understand how to use it in an emergency situation. In addition, you should get in the habit of having your stun gun with you when you go out. You need to carry it in a place where you can get to it quickly. A belt holster will do the trick. Also, sometimes all you need to do is brandish your stun gun to get an attacker to back off. You should not hesitate to use the device, though, if you feel you are in danger.

Always be aware of your surroundings.