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Stun Batons

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Stun Master Stun Baton for Sale: It's All In The Name

Right at the top of the list of products for self-protection are stun guns. And, the Stun Master stun baton is the best that your money can buy.

In the market of self defense products, stun batons are new entries. Over the years, they have earned a great track record within law enforcement and the military.

When compared to other standard stun guns, stun batons have the advantage of a longer reach. Because of this, the major drawback found in standard stun guns is overcome. In order to effectively use one of these standard stun guns on an assailant, you must be up close and personal to apply the charge. However, from as far as 15 inches away, it is possible to apply a stun baton.

How Stun Batons Work

Stun guns send a low amperage and high voltage electrical charge directly to the target's nervous system and effectively incapacitate them. The victim loses their balance because muscle movement is disrupted neurologically within the body.

The body becomes to weak to move because the impact uses up available blood sugar within the body causing temporary partial paralysis. No long term damage is caused due to the temporary nature of the effects. The results do not rely on the administration of pain.

Who Can Use Stun Batons

For decades, military units and police agencies all over the world have been using stun guns and stun batons. Currently, they are carried as protective devices by everyday people.

Assailants can often be deterred simply by seeing and hearing the sound of the charge on an activated stun gun. If that doesn't do the trick, then most people can escape whatever situation they are in after delivering a short dose of 20 million volts.

Security guards, in particular, like stun batons due to their extended reach and power.

An assailant will be temporarily paralyzed and dazed within five seconds of being touched with a baton that is fully activated with its trigger pulled.

Walkers and joggers must be on the lookout for attacks from criminals and dogs. Nightmares can happen on even the most innocent outing. Statistics indicate that attacks on delivery personnel, meter readers, walkers, and joggers are steadily increasing.

The results from an attack from either a four-legged or two-legged perpetrator can be devastating. No matter if someone is at play or at work, people who are moving around outside can be effectively protected when they regularly carry a stun baton.

Today, the self defense products industry provides many choices, which are already in use by the world's police. If these agencies can use stun batons, why can't you?

When an attacker turns up, people should hold up their activated stun gun and warn the person who is a threat to back off. A lot of bad guys see the charging stun gun, hear the crackling electrical charges, and run off without delay. These stun guns and batons are made to be scary and intimidating.

Stun batons are one of the best choices if you are in the market for a self defense product that is nonlethal. They are easy to use and carry, affordable, and effective.