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What Is The Taser Pulse For Sale ?

That is just it, it's on sale! Nothing extra to buy, you get a free gift, and we pick up the shipping.

This is a subcompact weapon that is high tech, complete with an innovative concealed carry design that has the incredible punch that you are looking for in a self-defense weapon. When you have the Taser Pulse in your hands, you actually have the ability to reach any attacker from about 15 feet away, immobilizing them for about 30 seconds while giving you enough time to make a completely safe escape.

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TASER Pulse Review

Law enforcement has been heavily relying on the Taser brand for the past 15 years.  During that time the civilian market was Taser's main focus.  Taser in the past has had only a limited amount of offerings for civilians looking for a means of self-protection that was less lethal.  However, now the civilian market is Taser's main focus, and they have five excellent offerings for the general public to choose from.  The newly available less-than-lethal, police-proven self-defense products are potentially a real game changer.  

The Taser Pulse is the model I chose to evaluate.  The first time I saw the Pulse, I was immediately reminded of the current single stack 9mm, small defensive pistols that in recent years have been swarming the marketplace. To me it is obvious that Taser was looking to create an ergonomic platform that users would already be familiar with.

There is a simple concept behind the Pulse: deploy it properly, put it on the ground, and then escape.  A few interesting features are offered by Taser that make it possible for this simplicity.  After the Pulse is fired, it continues delivering an electrical pulse for a total of 30 seconds, which gives the user enough time to escape.   

The most interesting feature has to be the replacement policy that Taser offers: if you properly deploy your Taser in self-defense and get a police report filed, Taser will replace the unit free of charge.  That should eliminate any fear you  might have about leaving your $400 Taser behind to escape after you have deployed it.

This model comes with some extra standard features that are very appealing, in addition to its ergonomic form.  The safety, dehorned sights, LED lights and laser all come together to offer a first-rate standard package.  A soft protective cover is even included, which is easy to remove so that you can carry the device in your pocket.  There are belt holsters that are available for the Taser Pulse, and that is also a great option.    

I know of numerous individuals who have been looking for a less lethal option to the handgun.  However, they didn't think there was a viable product that they could rely on.  This is my highest endorsement for the Taser Pulse: I am planning on spending my hard-earned money on one.

Links to the the BoltX2, and X26P,

Key Features Of The Taser Pulse

  1. Subcompact design along with intuitive user interface. The smaller size and the shape similar to a pistol will give you a familiar and discreet carry capability

  2. Angled iron sights and shaved safeties to give a comfortable conceal carry along with the prevention of snagging when it is time to withdraw or holster the device.
  3.  Advanced acquisition of the target by way of laser assisted targeting and color contrasting iron sights. there is also a powerful LED flashlight that will help with easily identifying a friend or a foe.
  4.  Replaceable battery that will last for around 50 thirty second firings, featuring an illuminated indicator light.
  5.  Tactile safety and trigger.
  6.  Safety range of 15 feet, complete with a back up stun gun to immobilize attackers while keeping them at a safe distance.
  7.  Full product replacement program, meaning if the Taser Pulse is used as a method of self-defense and it gets left at the scene, Taser willreplace the unit free.

FAQ's For Taser Pulse For Sale

Question: What are the cartridges that are needed for the Taser Pulse?
Answer: The Bolt, Pulse and C2 all use the same cartridge, which comes in a 15 foot range.

Question:Is there a practice cartridge?

Answer: The Taser Pulse comes with two live cartridges, one that you can use for testing and the other that can be used for self-defense.

Question Is there a target to practice with?

Answer:The Pulse includes a conductive target that will actually light up when it is hit. It is recommended placing this target on a board or some sort of thick foam core while you are practicing.

Question: How does this product differ from the Pulse, and the Bolt/C2 ?

Answer: All of the Taser weapons for self-defense are known to carry the same punch that all law enforcement agencies use. The Pulse as well as the Bolt are different because there is a 30 second cycle when fired over a 10 second cycle with the first trigger pull. This will give more of a window for an escape.The major difference between the Bolt and the Pulse is the design. The Pulse is made for concealed carry on the body and it is nice and compact in shape. The Bolt can be carried on the body, but it is actually designed to be carried off of the body in a briefcase, purse or glove box.

Question: Is the TASER legal in my state?

Answer: Check TASER Laws here: click here for lawes

Question: After initial probes have been deployed; is the back-up a direct contact on the attacker or projectile? 

Answer: Your secondary options are to pull the trigger again to send another charge cycle down the initial probes, remove the first cartridge and reload another cartridge, or use the contact stun "drive stun".

Question: Can you buy extra cartridges? How many times you can use this? 

Answer: Thats a great question, yes you can buy extra cartridges. Each cartridge fires once, so it's a good idea to keep extra cartridges on hand. this model comes with 2 live cartridges. TASERs are designed with your safety in mind. Upon firing and striking your attacker, the TASER Pulse delivers 30 seconds of electric energy into the attacker's body giving you time to drop the device and get to safety while the attacker is still being shocked. All TASER devices come with a Safe Escape Product Replacement Guarantee in the U.S. If you ever have to use your TASER to defend yourself and must leave it behind, the manufacturer, Taser International, will replace it free of charge

Question: Will this work on bears? 

Answer: A bear has thick skin and fur which seriously limits the ability of Taser probes to even penetrate, which they have to do in order to deliver their jolt. Even if you land a shot, a Taser or stun gun is unlikely to slow or stop it like the way it might work on humans (keep in mind that even sufficiently agitated humans have resisted the involuntary muscle spasms caused by a Taser). Once again, bear spray is a much better, easier, and cheaper deterrent.

Question: How many volts is it? And how far do the prongs shoot? 

Answer: It shoots accurately up to 15 feet...powered at 50K Volts.

Question: Is The Battery Rechargeable?

Answer: The Pulse comes with a non rechargeable battery. After purchase the battery is good for 50 shots, always replace the battery whether you use it not after 2 years. 

Question: Is it a taser and can it also be used a stun gun  

Answer: Yes, absolutely. With the cartridge out of the barrel (e.g. after it's been discharged), the muzzle is a stun gun when the trigger is pulled.