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Female JoggerSafe Jogging After Dark With Mace Jogger Pepper Spray

Many women enjoy jogging to keep fit. It's a great choice because it relieves stress while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Because it is such an excellent stress reliever, many women choose to jog in the evening after a hard day's work. It's a natural and easy time to exercise before settling in for the evening.

The downside of this is that jogging through a park or on the open road at night leaves a woman vulnerable to attack. Luckily, there are a number of proactive steps women can take to stay safe and still enjoy jogging after dark. Follow these smart tips for safe jogging at night:

1. Bring Self-Defense

These days there are quite a few personal self-defense gadgets you can buy to help keep you safe. Items such as mace jogger pepper spray, a personal alarm and/or a stun gun can go far to deterring would-be attackers.

 2. Don't wear ear-buds or headphones while you jog.

Listening to music while you jog can be very relaxing, but it's important to stay aware of your surroundings. If you are listening to music, you will not be able to hear bushes rustling or footsteps coming up behind you. You also can't hear the traffic around you. If you can't hear, you might find yourself embroiled in an accident that you could have avoided.

Listen to music when you get home. A warm relaxing bath is just the right place for listening to music!

3. Make good use of jogging tracks.

If you do jog in the park, be sure to stick to the jogging tracks where you are more likely to have other joggers around to keep you company. They will also keep you safer.

If you run through the woods, you might get lost in the dark. You could trip and fall over a tree root or get scratched or bruised by low hanging branches.

Running alone in the dark in the woods is a sure way to attract a criminal!

4. Use a buddy system.

Always jog with a companion. Two or more joggers are a less attractive target for criminals than single joggers.

5. Stay in well lit areas.

It is relaxing to jog along the paths in the park, but it's not safe. When you jog in a park at night, you are isolated and set yourself up as an easy target. A park is full of hiding places such as bushes and trees. Criminals often frequent parks after dark to stay clear of the police.

That's why it's smart to jog in areas that have good lighting. Jog around your own block if you have good street lights. Stay on the sidewalk, and face toward oncoming traffic. In this way, you will be highly visible and less likely to be hit by a car.

When you stay aware and exercise good judgment, you can jog at night without fear. Follow these tips for a safe and relaxing evening exercise experience.