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Pepper Spray

How does pepper spray work?

When you are under attack, aim your pepper spray at the perpetrator’s face.   It is very irritating to the eyes, skin, mouth, throat, and lungs.  It should stop the attacker long enough for you to get away or get help.  The main chemical in pepper spray is OC, oleoresin capsicum.  This is oil found in peppers of many types. 

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Pepper Spray For Safety And Peace Of Mind

Can I Learn How To Use Pepper Spray Before I Need It ?

If you want to feel confident no matter where you are, your best bet is to learn the rules of pepper spray. People often feel like pepper spray is a magical ward against danger, but it doesn't work like that. Pepper spray can be carried easily, however. Having it ready at hand is a great way to ensure it can help keep you safe.

If you really want to get the most out of it, make sure it's small enough to fit inside your bag should you need it to. That way, it won't be too large and awkward when you need it. There's nothing more dangerous than needing to defend yourself without the proper tools. If the pepper spray doesn't fit easily into your hand, you could find yourself quickly becoming overwhelmed even though you tried to protect yourself. No one wants that.

Most pepper spray worth buying has a safety device so you can ensure it only goes off when you want it to. However, you'll need to ensure you know where that safety is, and how to turn it off quickly. Otherwise, it won't spray when you need it to. If you're going through a dangerous area, you might choose to keep the safety off entirely. That way, your pepper spray can be ready the moment you need it.

Before you store your pepper spray, ensure you've put the safety back on. That way, you don't end up accidentally wasting important spray! You also need to ensure you know precisely how your pepper spray works. Most tubes of pepper spray have one trigger, which sprays in either a steady stream of a fog. The exact placement of the trigger depends on the brand of pepper spray you buy. Some have the trigger on top, whereas others have it in front like an aerosol can.

Don't just presume you'll be able to use pepper spray when you need to. Make sure you know how it works! Get used to different ways to hold it at ready without drawing attention. That way, you can use it when you need to but you won't make the people around you worried.

Should you be threatened, all you have to do is point the nozzle at your assailant and pull the trigger. Press the trigger down completely, otherwise, you won't get a full spray. Due to the way capsaicin works on the human body, you'll notice the effect immediately. There are some people who don't feel the pain, but even then the eyes and nasal passages will begin to swell and water. This distraction gives you the time to need to flee.

What are the effects of pepper spray on an attacker ?

It will have an instant affect on the assailant. The eyes will be temporarily blinded and the eyes will dilate and burn. The lungs will become inflamed and the throat will make the assailant fall to their knees and gasp as they attempt to draw in more air than their lungs will allow. They will only be able to get a short amount of oxygen and they may also begin to vomit and have nausea.

While the reactions are only temporary, the assailant will be disabled long enough for the victim to escape. It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes for the full effect of the spray to wear off and thus facilitates the escape for the victim. 

How long do the effects of pepper spray last? 

The highest level of discomfort from pepper spray can last on average thirty to forty-five minutes.  The pain can last about two or three hours. 

What options do I have in pepper spray?

  1. Stream sprays aren't as easily blown back into the victims face. Users can hit the face of assailants without repercussions of their own from the spray. It breaks into tiny droplets that will stop the attacker. This is when the victim can escape.
  2. Wide spray patterns are called cone spray. They design a mist barrier and stop the attacker more quickly. This works great against more than one assailant but it's important to remember to not get into the mist yourself to avoid the effects of the spray.
  3. Fogger sprays release a high-pressure spray that is a fine mist. They work as the assailant will take a breath and it affects their lungs, mucous membranes and their eyes. It allows the victim plenty of time to escape.

How do I practice with pepper spray?

After buying pepper spray, it's important to practice using it. Simulate an actual attack with one of our practice pepper sprays to ensure that you know how to use it safely during an attack. If you don't know how to use it before an attack you'll need to learn how to avoid any repercussions or becoming a victim of your own method of protection.

To practice, you can use a tree or an imaginary assailant but it's not recommended that you practice on an actual human being or animal as this can cause quite the reaction.

Remember to always keep the nozzle pointed away from yourself and focus on the person's head and face over any other area of their body. With practice, you can safely use pepper spray to keep yourself and your family safe.

What should I do after I've sprayed someone?

Once you've used it on a perpetrator be sure to call the police as soon as you're in a safe location.Give them a full description of the assailant and let them know what you used against the assailant.

Hopefully, you'll never have to use it, but if you do, it's great to know that you have it and know how to safely use it to keep yourself safe.

Can pepper spray expire?

There is an expiration date stamped on the pepper spray canister.  The pepper spray solution doesn’t go bad, but the propellant need to spray leaks out rendering the canister useless.  Pepper sprays are usually good anywhere from a year and a half to four years.

Can pepper spray kill you? 

A fatality with the use of pepper spray is rare.  It is only dangerous or lethal if it is sprayed on a person with an unusual (and generally unknown to the sprayer) respiratory reaction to it or the person being sprayed has a severe allergic reaction to it and medical treatment is not sought immediately.

Can pepper spray be taken on an airplane?

Even though pepper spray is a widely used personal self-defense item in the USA, it is not legal everywhere you may go.  Since this item is intended to incapacitate a person, you will most likely be stopped and the pepper spray taken away by the TSA/ Airport Security if you attempt to carry pepper spray in your pocket onto the plane. While you can't bring pepper spray on your person into the plane, with proper planning you should be able to bring pepper spray in your checked luggage to most areas of the world.  Be sure to tell the airline that you have pepper spray packed and have it in a place that is easy for them to inspect.  They will want to be sure the device can be locked so it won’t go off in the bag while on the plane.