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Reasons to Learn to Use Pepper Spray

When a person faces a threatening situation, they do one of three things. They either fight, flight or freeze. When they initially find themselves in danger, the body itself will react by releasing adrenaline. It will also pump blood away from the extremities and dump it into the torso.

The redirection of blood flow allows it to be closer to all the vital organs in case there is an emergency. It also protects the arms and legs from losing large quantities of blood in the event of an injury. This process explains why people get cold feet or hands when under lots of stress.
In addition to the above, the heart rate increases a good deal as well. The normal resting adult heart rate is anywhere from 60 beats to 100 beats per minute. When the heart rate reaches 115 beats per minute a person loses some of their fine motor skills. This means that they have difficulty with the muscle control that is involved in smaller movements like opening a car door with keys or even pressing a lever. This movement is what it takes to operate pepper spray.

When the heart rate reaches 145 beats per minute, a person loses their complex motor skills. Complex motor skills are a combination of fine and gross skills which use hand and eye coordination to time movements. At this point, an action like lifting a pepper spray container to eye level and aiming it at a target would prove difficult.

If a person gets no self-defense training or practice, they will either fight or run if faced with a threat. Each of these responses is life-saving but the third response which is to freeze can cost you your safety and your life.

Learning Survival Skills

You can prepare for a threat by practicing and training yourself. Most people who carry pepper spray never think of it as being used in any other situation but a crisis. It releases OC  or oleoresin capsicum to debilitate an attacker.

You can practice using  a key-chain style pepper spray by holding the canister in front of you and moving the lever back and forth. This creates muscle memory. In stressful situations, we tend to rely on familiar actions. Practice this movement regularly to help you react properly if faced with an attacker.

Go outside and use the pepper spray to see how it actually works. This will give you more confidence in what you are doing when you know how far the spray stream goes.

Ideally, you want to get an inert practice pepper spray. This is a water-based unit that can be used many times over so you can get plenty of practice in. These units also contain nitrogen which mimics the shooting of active pepper spray.

Learn to use pepper spray. It may be the simplest thing you do to save your own life.