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Vampire Pepper Spray

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VampireVampire Repellent Pepper Spray

If you find yourself needing to fend off a vampire with garlic, make certain to have a large supply on hand. Never allow yourself to run short if vampires are likely to approach. Keep cloves hanging from your windows and doors, chimneys and gates. Take care to apply some garlic to keyholes as well to prevent vampires from peering inside. Make garlic garlands for every member of your household to wear.

Feast on Italian food laden with garlic in order to make sure that vampires maintain a healthy distance. Doing so will make you so vampire-proof that you will likely have the confidence necessary to dare them to approach. With garlic, you will take back control and have ultimate power over your fate. Everything is possible with garlic!

Vampires And Their Fear Of Garlic

1. The extremely sweet scent of garlic is what causes vampires to feel such fear of it.

2. Vampires who experience alliumphobia (fear of Garlic) may do so as a result of exposure to garlic and the active compound's famously healing effects.

3. Vampires shun blood that has been contaminated by garlic's antibacterial properties. The reason for this is their Poporphyritic hemophilia, a red blood cell deficiency known to destroy bacteria they require in order to thrive.

4. Vampires avoid the bulbs of garlic at all costs and have a serious dislike of Italian cuisine.

5. Garlic causes blood to become poisonous for vampires, and therefore they will steer clear of anyone who has consumed it.

6. Because garlic is a known remedy for numerous ailments and because it is characterized by antibacterial properties, vampires fear its ability to stop infection.

7. The blood of vampires includes a particular trait which can be alleviated with by exposure to garlic.

8. Garlic has long been perceived as a substance able to ward off nasty spirits, blood-sucking pests as well as vampires.

9. Vampires have an intense dislike of things that are reflective or shiny in nature, something which extends to garlic bulbs which tend to be a bright white when viewed at nighttime.