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Pepper Gel

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What Is The Best Pepper Spray For Windy Conditions? ...Wildfire Pepper Gel Spray HOT 18%

Perhaps one of the most popular portable self-defense items out there is pepper spray. With so many benefits including that it comes in a variety of sizes and options as well as strengths, it may be a perfect choice.

There are two main units in which the effectiveness of pepper spray is determined. The first of these units is the Scivukke Heat Units or SHU's. Organic peppers range from 0 to 300,000 in the Scoville Heat Units. Pepper spray uses the active ingredient of Oleoresin Capsicum or OC. This is a concentrated oil derived from the peppers. Undiluted, it can reach up to 15 million on the Scoville Heat Units.

The species of the peppers that are used in the spray will determine the heat rating.

The higher the SHU number, the hotter the spray. Have you ever eaten hot peppers on purpose?

Some hot peppers are actually very mild, others, however, are very hot and will give you a burning sensation. Some will even make your eyes water. In this method, pepper sprays are created. You'll want to select a spray from a reliable manufacturer. The best sprays will have at least 2 million Scoville Heat Units.

The second number to consider is how much of the OC is in the spray. While it won't make a huge difference to the heat index, it will make a difference in how it penetrates.

This is how thick the spray is and it will all be formulated differently. Lower percentages will give a quicker penetration and thus affect the potential assailant more quickly.

Pepper spray causes the eyes to swell shut. It constricts your throat and all you can do is breathe enough to stay alive. It can cause you to cough and create a form of panic. It is temporary but debilitating. You'll want a percentage rate that is from 10 to 18 percent. This will ensure that you have a high enough percentage rate. You should then have time to get away while the person recovers which can take from 15 to 45 minutes.

Since it causes the eyes to swell shut you'll want to avoid accidentally getting it on yourself. You may prefer one that is a fogger or gel in lieu of a stream if you're unsure of your aim.

If you're in a windy area you might prefer a gel to avoid it spraying back into your own face. Gels work well to help this in windy or close locations. Many people find that it's easier to use a gel than any other form of pepper spray.

Always ensure that you know how to deploy the pepper spray before you need it. There isn't anything worse than not understanding how the buttons work and not being able to use it in a timely fashion and finding yourself the victim of not only a crime, but also your very own pepper spray because you didn't know how to properly deploy it.

Gel pepper sprays will disperse the OC in a sticky type of gel. It will act like glue and stick to the assailant and prevent it from blowing back into your face. It won't affect anyone but the person you spray it on and it will stick to them so you can get away. It's also great for use in the car or in a close proximity.