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Personal Safety

Should personal safety always be a priority?

Personal safety should always be your number one priority.  Watch the news!  Is there a day that goes by that there has not been some type of violence committed by one human being upon another?  It doesn’t really matter where you live; you need to take every precaution possible to be safe.  Always be vigilant and by all means, always have something in your hand that you can use to protect yourself.  Keep your keys in your hand.  Check the laws in your state, if it is legal where you live, have a pepper spray, stun gun, or personal alarm handy to safe yourself, and anyone with you, from harm.

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Need Self Defense Items To Carry ?
Protect Yourself and Loved Ones

Which is the Best Type of Personal Defense Product?

For a lot of people who pay attention to the news, the world seems to becoming more dangerous in general. This belief is probably one of the main reasons that interest in personal defense products has grown rapidly over the past few years.

Individuals who feel that their own safety is at risk -- particularly if they live in heavily-populated cities -- are taking steps to protect themselves more carefully.

In this article, we'll review the strengths and limitations of three popular personal defense products. After learning a bit about the possibilities, you should find it easier to pick the product that meets your defense needs.

Option 1 - Pepper Spray

The first product to consider is the classic pepper spray dispenser. Pepper spray canisters work by delivering a blast of disabling, red-hot mist into an attacker's face. The natural pepper oils in the spray wreak havoc on a person's eyes and mucous membranes, temporarily disabling and blinding them. Note that pepper spray is subject to legal restrictions in many areas.

Option 2 - Taser

The next option is the Taser. This device helps protect you from malicious intent by delivering a short electric shock at an extremely high voltage. The sudden application of electrical power overloads the attacker's nervous system and gives you time to get out of danger. Carrying a Taser also exposes you to some legal complications, although surprisingly not to the same extent as pepper spray.

Option 3 - Personal Alarm

For a less aggressive defense option, you can consider a personal alarm. This is a small unit designed exclusively to emit a piercingly loud noise when triggered. While this kind of alarm will do little more than startle an aggressor momentarily, it will also draw a great deal of attention. This can easily summon help and may make an attacker re-evaluate your status as a tempting target.

Each of these devices works best with a different approach to personal security and meets different needs. Pepper spray is the most forceful option available to you, as it's virtually guaranteed to disable an attacker when used correctly. It is this very effectiveness that also makes pepper spray risky; it could well cause serious damage to your attacker.

Tasers carry less risk of dealing permanent damage to the assailants you use them on. However, an effective Taser is an all-or-nothing defense device. You have only one chance to disable your target and missing renders you defenseless. Most pepper spray canisters, in contrast, contain enough spray for multiple applications.

Personal alarms are well suited for use in cases where you're subject to strict scrutiny (e.g. if you have to pass a security checkpoint on your way into work). However, their lack of any disabling effect means that they may not prove to be effective.

Choosing the right personal defense option depends on many factors. You shouldn't overlook your own mindset when considering a defense device, either. If violence and aggression simply don't come naturally to you, a device with an offensive edge like a Taser or a pepper spray canister may not be the best option.

What are some Personal Safety Do’s and Don’ts?

1.Don’t go out alone at night if at all possible.

2.Avoid shortcuts, alleys and deserted streets

3.Do not get on an empty elevator with a stranger

4.Be very alert and mindful of your surroundings

5.Keep your doors locked all the time

6.Keep your keys handy when walking to and from your car where ever you may be and when walking to your door at home

7.Don’t carry large amounts of money or other valuables with you when it can be avoided; If you must carry money or valuables, be very careful who knows about it

Do personal safety alarms work?

Anything that draws attention to a situation in which an illegal act is about to be or is being perpetrated is a deterrent.  Usually all you need is enough time to get away and get help.  Personal safety alarms are designed to sound a loud alarm that will no doubt attract attention, therefore, chasing away a would be attacker.  

What is personal safety equipment?

Personal safety equipment is anything you can use to provide protection to your person from harm.  This can include helmets, clothing, and hazmat suits.  It can also refer to items you can carry to help you if you are being threatened in any way by another person or persons and/ or animal(s).  Some examples of non-lethal personal safety items to protect yourself are:

1. Stun Gun
2. Pepper Spray
3. Personal Alarm
4. Taser
5. Your keys