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Dog Attack Protection

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Jagging and Walking The DogPreventing Dog Attacks: What You Need to Know

Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Is it important to you to stay active by jogging, walking or biking? If so, then you know that dog attacks are unfortunately something that you must watch out for. Every year, several million people in the United States are attacked by dogs. More than 750,000 of those individuals have to be hospitalized for their injuries. Unfortunately, children make up about fifty percent of these hospitalizations.

These numbers refer to people that had their skin punctured by the teeth of a dog. However, many more people are involved in a situation where a dog runs at them or scares them in some way. Do you want to avoid these types of situations? There are three products that I feel are important to discuss. They will help prevent a dog attack and can keep a dog from charging you as well.

The electronic dog chaser emits a sound that keeps a dog from approaching you. It has a 25 foot range. Also, it is important to note that the sound will not hurt your ears or the ears of the animal.

A stun baton is another option. All you need to do is to push a button in order to activate the device. It will then extend so that it is more than a foot long, and the tip is electrified. If a dog comes at you in an aggressive way, you simply need to touch the baton to the dog.

Finally, my favorite product is the mace canine repellent. It has a reach of up to ten feet and is specially created for canines. However, like the stun baton, it will protect you if a human tries to attack you as well.

You do not have to worry when you go outside to walk, jog or ride your bike. Simply take one of these products with you, and you do not need to stress about dog attacks any longer. Do you have any of these already? If not, which one are you planning to get?