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Personal Alarms

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Personal Alarm A Review Of Personal Alarms

What Exactly Is A Personal Alarm?

As a self-defense device, when a personal alarm is activated, it puts out a loud, high pitched alert that is ear piercing and makes everyone take notice.

Are All Personal Alarms The Same?

Most alarms are going to be electronic and operate by way of batteries. Some alarms will have strobe lights or flashlights and some of them can even double as a travel alarm to protect the doors of hotel rooms as well as motor homes. These alarms are activated by simply pushing a button or removing a pin and the device can keep operating until the pin is inserted once again.

Other devices are small canisters that are pressurized using an inert gas. Once the button is depressed, the gas will escape through the nozzle, which will then put out a loud, shrieking blast. This is an alarm that will only keep operating while the button is depressed and there is still pressurized gas in the canister.

How Can Personal Alarms Help?

These alarms work on the premise that an attacker wants an easy mark that is fully submissive to any advances. When confronted with a loud blast, an attacker will become disoriented and startled. It is also normal for them to become worried that they will be drawing attention and should break away from attacking.

How Many Uses Do Personal Alarms Have?

A personal alarm can be a perfect device for the disable and senior citizens. All you have to do is attach one to your walker or wheelchair and you can boost your odds of being heard should an emergency arise. Maybe you are uncomfortable with the thought of using a stun gun or pepper spray. If so, you could find value in using a personal alarm. Whenever there is some sort of catastrophic event like like an earthquake, avalanche, hurricane and more you can use a personal alarm to draw in emergency services to your location. As mentioned before, personal alarms can also be used on doors as a travel alarm. College students can also find a great deal of value by using such alarms to protect them in their rooms as they sleep or even when they walk through campus grounds.

Just How Loud Are Personal Alarms?

A lot of the personal alarms that are available today operate between 120 and 135 decibels. The following is a list of other items and the decibels they put out:

- Car interior city traffic 85 decibels
- Power lawn mower 107 decibels
- Power saw 110 decibels

It is best to note that pain begins at around 125 decibels.

Are Personal Alarms Bulky And Heavy?

The personal alarms that are available today come in compact designs while still offering the punch that you need to feel safe. In addition to that, you can find most personal alarms at a great price and they can easily be stored in your pocket, purse or clipped onto your belt or keychain.